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Bearing price is closely related to product quality

First, impurities enter the bearing. These impurities may be dirt such as iron oxide scale, dust, fine iron filings in the assembly shop. When these fine impurities enter the bearing, it will produce cushioning pressure and grinding effect, which will cause the bearing to rotate difficult, which may cause the bearing to break and damage.

Second, the liquid causing damage to the bearing enters the bearing. Common liquids that cause bearing damage include corrosive liquid media such as water, acids, alkalis, rolling fluids, etc., which cause the bearing to rust, corrode and other bad bearing phenomena, especially when the machine is idle for a long time, rust, and corrosion. Even more serious.

Third, the bearing clearance is too small, some special equipment bearings need to increase the clearance. Products (such as: C3, C4 large clearance bearings, etc.), boilers, hot rolling mills, high-speed equipment and other special equipment. These equipments can no longer be used normally due to high temperature or high speed. Therefore, these devices need to choose large clearance bearings.

Fourth, the imported bearing lubricant is insufficient or excessive. No matter how good the bearing is, it cannot be used normally without lubrication. Similarly, if excessive grease is added during the operation of the machine, the internal space of the bearing will be insufficient, forcing the internal grease of the bearing to overflow and damaging the sealed products of the equipment.

Fifth, the manufacturing accuracy of the journal, shoulder, and bearing housing is too low or deformed during use. The manufacturing accuracy of the journal, shoulder, and bearing housing is too low, which will cause the gap between the bearing and other parts of the equipment installation, affecting the accuracy of the bearing.

Sixth, the external mounting seal of the bearing is incorrect, such as the seal or the seal is too tight and related friction parts.

Seventh, cage deformation. During bearing storage and transportation, the imported bearing cage may be deformed. This is also one of the reasons that some bearing products cannot be used normally.

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