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Application range of needle roller bearings

(1) Needle roller bearings with the drawn outer ring. This type of bearing has two types: punched and sealed. The drawn outer ring needle roller bearing has no inner ring. The needle is in direct contact with the surface of the shaft. Therefore, the machining accuracy and heat treatment hardness of the shaft should be the same as the inner ring of the bearing.

Scope of application: Drawn cup needle roller bearings with cages are suitable for high-speed and heavy-duty bearings. They are mostly used for machine tools, automobile, motorcycle gearbox or textile machinery. Cageless ferrule needle roller bearings without cages are suitable for oscillating working conditions under heavy loads because they are full of needles. Such as the frame of an aircraft, the shaft end of the main wing of a missile, etc.

(2) Needle roller bearings with solid rings, commonly used needle roller bearings with solid rings are NA type and RNA type.

Scope of application: Solid ring needle bearings are mostly used in machine tools and automotive gearboxes. Its advantages are small radial section size and large radial load. Standard solid ring needle roller bearings have cages, so the rotation speed is high, which can meet the requirements of machine tools and automotive gearboxes.

Roller Assemblies Bearing

(3) Roller needle bearings

Scope of application: printing machinery, forage machinery, agricultural machinery, rollers for NC equipment guide rails, conveyor lines, etc.

(4) Needle roller and cage assembly. Needle roller and cage components are actually needle roller bearings without rings

Scope of application: This bearing is mostly used for large and small ends of transmission rods, motorcycles, and automobiles. Because the temperature inside the cylinder rises, the bearing must be resistant to high temperatures.

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